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Anxiety And Birth Control | What's Going On?

Author The Quiet Storm: Weathering Your Anxiety & Birth Control Everyone gets anxious. You’ve definitely felt butterflies on a first date and you’ve definitely sweat while giving a presentation at work. That’s totally normal. But sometimes anxiety takes on...

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Top 16 Common Side Effects of Birth Control

Author Starting a new birth control regimen? We all know the positives of birth control (no unwanted pregnancies! yes!), but what can we say about the negative ones? Hormonal birth control can cause some not-so-hot side-effects, it’s true, and...

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Do Birth Coltrol Pills Cause Weight Gain?

Packing on the Pounds: Do Birth Control Pills Cause Weight Gain? If you’ve just started the pill and you’ve noticed the number on the scale inching up, you’re not alone. Do birth control pills cause weight gain? Some doctors may...

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