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3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

As we move into the winter months and shorter days, experiencing a dip in mood and energy is common. Therefore, right now is the best time to incorporate daily habits to beat the winter blues so you can feel like the best version of yourself all season long.

3 Ways to Boost Mood Daily

#1: Exposure to Sunlight & Vitamin D

Regular exposure to sunlight, which boosts Vitamin D levels is key for an optimal mood. Although the seasons are changing, it’s still important to get outside daily. When sunlight is limited in northern places, bright light therapy and supplementing with Vitamin D can be an effective replacement.

#2: Regular Exercise

Regular movement is an amazing and fun way to keep your mood steady. You don’t need to go to an intense spin class or a HIIT session if that’s not your thing. Gentle forms of movement, such as walking and yoga, are also effective in boosting mood. Aim to move your body for at least 20 minutes every day.

#3: Correct Nutrient Deficiencies

Many women report a lower mood as a side effect of hormonal birth control and during the week leading up to their period (among many other PMS symptoms). Top Up Tonic is perfectly formulated to correct any nutrient deficiencies that may be causing your mood to dip. B vitamins, CoQ10, Zinc, and Probiotics are all mood-supporting ingredients in Top Up Tonic that can get you back to feeling like your best self!

Get outside daily, move your body often, and stay topped up on all essential nutrients to move through this next season with steadiness and ease.

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