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Beat the Burnout

Beat the Burnout

Burnout and extreme fatigue are alive and well in 2022! Along with regular life stressors, it doesn’t help that your birth control contributes to feeling even more exhausted.

On the upside, there are things you can do to reclaim control of your energy levels and feel like the best version of yourself!

Let’s get you feeling even-keeled and turned on, inside and out…

4 Tips to Beat Your Burnout

#1 Mindfulness

Learning how to manage your stress is the number one way you can avoid burnout. Mindfulness comes in many forms, such as meditation, deep breathing, walking, and yoga.

Find whichever form of mindfulness works best for you and carve out at least five minutes daily to build a mindfulness routine.

Your frazzled nerves with thank you, we promise!

#2 Daily Movement

Regular movement is incredibly effective in reducing stress.

When you’re burnt out or feel like you're on the edge of collapse, gentle exercise like yoga, walking, or tai chi is supportive and nourishing.

Try to minimize high-intensity exercise at these times, as they can actually worsen burnout.

#3 Avoid Stimulants and Depressants

Don’t shoot the messenger! We know cutting out substances like caffeine and alcohol can be challenging…

But constantly revving your body up with caffeine and then sedating it with alcohol can worsen burnout symptoms in the long run.

Experiment by replacing caffeine with herbal tea for a week and note any changes in mood and energy levels.

#4 Take Top Up Tonic Daily

CoQ10 and the B vitamins are nutrients that support mood and energy, yet hormonal birth control depletes them.

Top Up Tonic replenishes 18 key nutrients, so you can better manage your stress and kick burnout to the curb. It also contains a prebiotic and probiotic blend that supports the gut-brain connection and further improves mood.

Hormones grounded. You on Top!


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