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Benefits of Self-Pleasure

Benefits of Self-Pleasure

Self-pleasure is often seen as a taboo subject and can be polarizing and uncomfortable for some people to discuss. One of the problems with stigmatizing the normal process of pleasuring yourself, is that most people don’t know the upsides and health benefits of self-gratification!

Let’s get into it.

Common Myths & Safety

Many untrue myths about the dangers of self-pleasure exist, from causing blindness and infertility, to mental health issues. These are all incorrect. Not only does pleasuring yourself have many benefits, but it’s also the safest form of sexual activity. It can bring sexual pleasure without the risk of STIs or unwanted pregnancies. It is available to all genders and those who may or may not be currently engaging in other sexual activity.

Health Benefits

Self-pleasure can help promote relaxation and reduce stress. Stress is a risk factor for many prevalent diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Reducing stress levels can improve your quality of life, prevent burnout, and is key for maintaining mental health.

Self-pleasure also promotes better sleep, which is something most people can improve upon. Sleep is one of the foundations of health and has implications in all facets of life, including energy levels, mental focus, balanced hormones, and an optimal mood.

As a bonus, it also can reduce PMS and menstrual cramping!

Sexual Benefits

Self-pleasure can help you improve your sexual satisfaction and releases sexual tension. Additionally, achieving orgasm releases the neurotransmitter oxytocin, which promotes feelings of well-being. The act allows people of all ages to explore their bodies and what feels good to them. Learning about your body can improve self-esteem and can help with comfort and communication with sexual partners.

This might all sound great in theory, but what if your desire for pleasuring yourself (and sex) is too low?

Birth Control & Libido

Many women report that their libido decreases while on hormonal birth control. One of the main reasons this occurs is because birth control depletes B vitamins and zinc, which have roles in libido/sex drive. The other factor is that combined estrogen/progestin birth control lowers testosterone (which is a key hormone that is involved in revving you up).

Top Up Tonic to the Rescue

Our Top Up Tonic addresses the common side effect of low sex drive for women by replenishing the nutrients and hormones that contribute to a healthy sex drive. It improves energy levels via the B vitamins, CoQ10, and thyroid supporting nutrients (selenium, tyrosine, and iodine). Top Up Tonic also increases zinc levels, which is a key nutrient involved in testosterone production, which directly increases libido.

Self-pleasure is one of the most under-talked about topics when it comes to sexual health. Let’s keep the “taboo” aspect of the topic at bay by continuing the conversation and busting untrue myths.

Hormonal balance for body, mind, and sex.


Self-pleasure promotes relaxation, better sleep, and helps reduce stress.

Our Top Up Tonic addresses the common side effect of low sex drive for women by replenishing the nutrients and hormones that contribute to a healthy sex drive.


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