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How To Make Your Resolutions Stick

How To Make Your Resolutions Stick

The hardest part about making New Year’s resolutions is sticking to them! It can be easy to get caught in the cycle of creating goals to give up on them before January is over each year. Here are some ways you can make 2022 different and keep your resolutions this year.

  1. Evaluate if the quantity of your goals are realistic:
    Change is difficult, and tackling multiple major life changes at one time can be overwhelming. Think about which resolutions are most important for you, and try to tackle only one or two at first. January isn’t the only time you can start on a goal, so you can come back to the others later in the year.
  2. Make your goals specific:
    “Get healthy” or “exercise more” are common goals, but what do these actually entail? Break your larger goals down into smaller pieces that are actionable and realistic. If you don’t know how to approach your bigger goals, speaking to a professional in the field (e.g. a dietitian if eating healthy is a goal, or a personal trainer if you want to exercise more) can help guide you.
  3. Get comfortable with setbacks:
    The path to change and reaching goals are generally not linear. Setbacks and restarts are common and normal, and that’s okay! Try to reframe a setback as a learning opportunity/reflection and not a defeat. Ask yourself why the setback happened and what barriers you need to remove to ensure future success.

Be gentle with yourself as you approach the start of 2022 and move towards your goals.


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