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Kick PMS to the Curb

Kick PMS to the Curb

PMS is the poster child for common, but not normal. Most of us deal with some form of PMS, varying from mild discomfort to utterly debilitating every month. And while it’s easy for this to become routine, there are holistic solutions that can help manage PMS symptoms.

Despite what you’ve heard or experienced, it is possible to feel like the best version of yourself all month long. We promise!

3 Holistic Ways to Combat PMS

#1: Diet

An increase in inflammation = worse PMS. The foods you eat have an impact on the severity of PMS. Limiting inflammatory foods (processed foods, fried foods, sugar, and alcohol) can help reduce symptoms. Focus on whole foods, lots of fiber, and healthy fats (like avocados and olive oil).

#2: Exercise

Movement throughout the month helps prevent PMS symptoms. During your period, gentle movement can relieve cramps and bloating and improve mood! Stick to restorative yoga, easy walks, and light swimming. If you haven’t tried Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga for Cramps and PMS, do it during your next cycle!

#3: Stay Topped up on Micronutrients

Top Up Tonic is a clinically formulated supplement that gives you back the 18 nutrients that birth control strips away. It also reduces inflammation and decreases PMS symptoms.

Key Ingredients in Top Up Tonic:

Magnesium and B6: reduce premenstrual anxiety, depression, bloating, and cramping

Vitamin B1: relieves cramping, mental and physical symptoms of PMS

Zinc: improves psychological and psychomotor symptoms of PMS. People with PMS tend to have lower zinc levels

Additionally: Vitamins E and C combat inflammation. B vitamins, CoQ10, and Iodine help to improve the physical symptoms of PMS AND balance mood.

It’s important to remember treating PMS holistically takes commitment and time! It normally takes 3 cycles before a significant change in symptoms can be felt and seen

Your hormones control so much. Now you can control them.


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