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Rev Up Your Metabolism

Rev Up Your Metabolism

With summer gearing up in full swing, you’ll probably hear the term “boosting your metabolism” more than normal. Most people want to boost their metabolism, but what does this really mean and why is it so important? Let’s break it down.

Your metabolism is the series of chemical reactions (or steps) that turn the energy you consume into energy you can use. If your metabolism isn’t functioning optimally it can lead to weight gain, change of appetite, and fatigue. No thanks.

The best way to boost your metabolism for the long haul is to support your hormones now.

Balanced hormones = an efficient metabolism

Efficient metabolism = easy weight maintenance/weight loss and boundless energy

(hell ya, more of this please).

3 ways to increase your metabolism

#1 Support thyroid function

The thyroid is the main regulator of your metabolism. When it slows down, your whole body does too. Hypothyroidism can cause low energy, weight gain/difficulty losing weight, brain fog, and constipation. Some of Top Up Tonic's key ingredients (selenium, zinc, tyrosine, and iodine) are necessary for optimal thyroid function.

#2 Stay topped on nutrient levels

A deficiency of key nutrients also decreases your metabolism. Many vitamins and minerals play a critical role in different chemical reactions necessary for metabolism. Being topped up on these nutrients ensures energy metabolism is happening efficiently.

#3 Exercise

This is the quickest and most effective way to support your metabolism. Moving your body in any way increases the amount of energy (calories) your body uses (burns). Commit to moving at least 20 minutes every day! Your metabolism will thank you!

If you feel like your metabolism has been sluggish lately, Top Up Tonic has you covered! Top Up Tonic replenishes all the nutrients that birth control strips away to keep you feeling like the best version of yourself.

Your hormones control so much. Now you can control them.


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