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Skip the Detox Teas | Try This Instead

Skip the Detox Teas | Try This Instead

You’ve probably seen ads for skinny teas, liver cleanses, and extreme detoxes. Most of them claim to be the KEY to vibrant health.

They are some of the most popular trends in the wellness industry, but should you be rushing to do the next liver detox that goes on the market?.

We’re here to clarify fact from fiction and share how to safely and consistently support your liver (and why it’s important in the first place).

What does the liver do?

Your liver is one of the busiest and biggest organs in the body. Its many roles include aiding in digestion, regulating metabolism, making necessary proteins, detoxifying and clearing drugs, medications, and other harmful substances from your blood. The key takeaway is that an optimally functioning liver is essential and a poorly functioning liver can have a major impact on your health.

The liver is mainly affected by lifestyle behaviours, which is GREAT news! There are many simple things you can do daily to keep your liver healthy.

3 Ways to Support Your Liver

#1 Enjoy alcohol in moderation

The liver is responsible for processing and eliminating alcohol from your body. It does a great job on its own, but can get overwhelmed with excessive drinking. Having a drink here and there is totally fine, but remember that drinking responsibly keeps the liver happy and healthy.

#2 Eat whole foods and move regularly

It’s not as flashy as advertisements for detox teas, but it’s truly the best thing you can do for your liver. Eat nutrient-dense, whole foods 80% of the time and move your body for at least 20 minutes a day!

#3 Stay topped up on key nutrients

Magnesium, B Vitamins, Zinc, and Vitamin C all support the ongoing process of liver detoxification. Vitamin E and Selenium protect against oxidative damage. It’s important to always consume these nutrients in the most bioavailable (easily absorbable) form. Top Up Tonic provides these nutrients in a single daily dose.

Steer clear of quick fixes and extreme promises made on the internet. Focus on sustainable lifestyle behaviours that you can do every day. Your liver is constantly detoxifying on its own, yet the foods and nutrients you consume make a big difference in how effectively it detoxes!

Be balanced. Be bold. Be you.


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