Top Up Tonic Vs A Multivitamin: And the Winner Is…


Since has launched, we have received an overwhelming number of relieved customers raving about what we do. The most frequent question that you’re sliding in our DMs with is about our Top Up Tonic:

“Isn’t this pretty much just another multivitamin in different packaging?” 


Multivitamins are super generalized, non-specific methods for tackling your health. Multivitamins try the “one size fits all approach” but let’s face it, the world is made up of all sorts of people who have different wants and needs, especially when it comes to personal health and wellness.

The "one and done" approach of a multivitamin won’t ruin you, but in many cases it’s probably not having a major impact on your health (placebo, anyone?), nor is a multivitamin laser-focused to target specific conditions or symptoms.

In other words, multivitamins can be overrated AF.

Picture this: a product so far beyond “just a multivitamin.” Imagine a super hero supplement that has undergone a swan-like transformation, one that saves the world on a daily basis and also went and got a PhD in “kicking butt when it comes to side effects from the Pill.” Yeah, it’s that good.

Hold up! What’s in my standard, daily multivitamins?

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health that you can’t make on your own, so it’s absolutely necessary that you get these through diet and supplementation. Quite often, the most common and more affordable multivitamins tend to have ineffective dosages of these essential vitamins and minerals in a form that isn’t optimal for your body to absorb. For example, multivitamins frequently contain vitamin A, which in synthetic forms can cause harm. Although vitamin A is important for your vision, skin, and mucous membranes, it is very rare in a developed area to suffer from a vitamin A deficiency.

The best, least harmful way to supplement it is through a variety of vegetables in your diet! (more kale, puh-lease!) In this case of relieving the side effects associated with hormonal birth control, multivitamins contain a lot of extra ingredients that are not as beneficial, and very limited quantities of all the good stuff you really need.

So what does the Top Up Tonic do differently?

Our kickass co-founder, Dr. Liz Goldspink, ND has performed years of research and ingredient sourcing just for you to specially formulate our Top Up Tonic to best target and optimize the same elements that birth control depletes you of. It’s even got the most optimal dose of each ingredient in its best activated form to be easily and effectively absorbed by your bod. Each and every single ingredient has been handpicked, well-thought out and has a specific purpose just for you. We’ve jam-packed all of these awesome ingredients and paired them together, like Vitamin C and Zinc, which are the little guys that help you achieve major #skingoals, balancing your mood and helping you get back to feeling like your fabulous self!

POP QUIZ! Time to break out the textbooks because class is in session. The B-Vitamin-Complex in our Top Up Tonic includes vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin (say that 5x fast!), more biologically active than its frequently used form cyanocobalamin. We also made sure to pair it with folate in its activated form, 5-methyltetrahydrafolate, as they work together to improve your mood, brain function, and energy. Magnesium, which was dosed high enough to help regulate bowel functions, was included as magnesium citrate, the type of magnesium specific you to regularly hit the Ladies Room.

Around here, it’s go big or go home! That’s why we’ve also added some extra ingredients to give you a mega boost of antioxidants that support your digestive health and thyroid, aspects of your health that are frequently beat down (and beat up!) by the Pill.

The thyroid, is a gland located in your neck that helps to secrete hormones and keep them in check. The Thyroid Support Complex in our Top Up Tonic combines iodine from kelp and L-tyrosine as building blocks, along with zinc and selenium, for healthy thyroid functioning. When your thyroid suffers, symptoms you may experience are fatigue, anxiety, dull hair, skin, and nails, sleep disturbances, weight gain, temperature irregularities, and changes to your digestion.

Oh, you thought we were done? We care too much about you to just end there!

Not only does our Top Up Tonic contain a probiotic for an extra boost to help out your digestive health, but we also made sure to pair our probiotic with its fuel source, prebiotics, to keep your insides full of healthy, good bacteria. Doing so, we help to prevent IBS-like symptoms frequently associated with hormonal birth control.

So is Top Up Tonic just an ordinary multivitamin? No! Our Top Up Tonic is specially formulated to help you seize the YAY in every day. It’s the perfect BFF to help you feel your best and live your best life.

Want to know more about the ingredients in our Top Up Tonic? Check out our ingredients page to learn more.

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