Vitamin E - Why You NEED To Have It In Your Life!


This little vit is one of the most important components in our Top Up Tonic. Why you ask?

Because it’s freaking AWESOME!

Vitamin E is one of the most commonly-known vitamins today, and for a good reason! It plays a major role in our wellness and provides an awesome helping hand in keeping us feeling and looking our best.

Vitamin E is actually pretty complex. It's made up of 8 different chemical compounds. It was discovered in the 1920's but wasn't synthesized until the late 1930's. Since then, it's become one of the most popular vitamin supplements thanks to a bucket load of research that has highlighted just how great it is for our bodies.

Do you want to look and feel your best? We've got all the info on Vitamin E that you need so that you can start taking better care of yourself today.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E and Anti-Aging

One of the things that Vitamin E is most famous for is its anti-aging properties. If you walk into any drugstore in the country you can bet you'll find dozens of anti-wrinkle creams that boast high levels of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. This makes it great at blocking free radicals. Free radicals are involved in the aging process and are responsible for those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. By reducing free radicals, Vitamin E can slow the aging process and keep your skin looking plump, bright and super youthful.

Vitamin E For The Immune System

As well as acting as a natural elixir for the skin, Vitamin E supports the immune system. This is incredibly important as our immune systems are responsible for fighting off viruses, bacteria and infections. Our immune systems are put under so much pressure all year round, but in winter they have to work even harder to keeps us healthy.

By getting enough Vitamin E you can help your immune system and give it some much needed extra support.

Vitamin E and Eye Health

One of the lesser known functions of Vitamin E is its role in eye health. Scientific studies have proven that this vitamin is super important in maintaining vision as we age. One study actually found that Vitamin E reduced macular degeneration by 25%. It also claimed that taking enough Vitamin E could significantly reduce the risk of cataracts.

Macular degeneration and cataracts are very common eye problems. They develop as we age and millions of people in the United States have had surgery to correct these problems. It's not hard to see why using Vitamin E to prevent eye issues is an awesome investment in your future health. Is there anything this little trooper can’t do?

Vitamin E Deficiency

Around the world, it's recommended that we each get between 7 to 15mg of Vitamin E everyday. However, most of us are not getting anywhere near this target intake. Vitamin E deficiency is, thankfully, pretty rare. Although, women on The Pill often find themselves suffering from its nasty effects

Vitamin E is very important, and can also be caused by our bodies not being able to digest fats well - because Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin. This sounds great, right? But our bodies do need essential fats to function well, and if they can't do that then we can't absorb and use Vitamin E. So not having the right fats in your system can also contribute to not getting enough Vitamin E.

A deficiency in Vitamin E can cause some pretty serious health problems, including severe damage to the nervous system. This damage can lead to a loss of feeling in the arms and legs. It can also cause problems in the control of limbs, muscles and movements. Folks who are deficient tend to be extremely weak. It can also cause some serious problems with vision and eye health.

Vitamin E Supplementation

Vitamin E is a super important component of our diet, and it is vital given that women on The Pill or other hormonal birth control get a boost as the pill naturally saps the body of this super-vitamin. Oral supplementation is a really popular choice for millions of people around the world, and should definitely be considered for those of us on hormonal birth control. This isn't a lazy option, eating that many almonds daily can be a challenge! Oral supplements are often a realistic and sustainable option to supplement a healthy diet, which is where the Top Up Tonic comes in.

Between working in the office, visiting in-laws, working out, and trying to keep on top of household chores, the hectic lives we lead today mean that making things easier wherever we can is necessary. Taking a supplement to make sure that you're getting enough Vitamin E in your diet is a perfect example of this, and one that countless people are taking benefiting from.

Our Top Up Tonic contains the 15mg of Vitamin E which is the amount recommended by The Journal of Nutrition. Just one little capsule with your morning drink of choice will ensure that you've got all of the Vitamin E that you need for the entire day. You can safely take one capsule per day and eat all the Vitamin E rich foods you enjoy as normal. is here to support you in taking care of your mind and body, so that you can keep feeling and looking your best.

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