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Top 16 Common Side Effects of Birth Control

1 min read

Starting a new birth control regimen? We all know the positives of birth control (no unwanted pregnancies! yes!), but what can we say about the negative ones? Hormonal birth control can cause some not-so-hot side-effects, it’s true, and some you...

Is Birth Control Making Me Feel Bloated? | All You Need To Know

1 min read

Your pants feel tight, you’re gassy, and you’ve fully contorted into the Hunchback of Bloate Dame: it’s here, it’s the PMS bloat, right? Although multiple factors contribute to bloating, birth control is a major cause of bloating and gas. So...

Anxiety And Birth Control | What's Going On?

1 min read

Everyone gets anxious. You’ve definitely felt butterflies on a first date and you’ve definitely sweat while giving a presentation at work.   That’s totally normal. But sometimes anxiety takes on a life of its own, and suddenly, things aren’t just...

Relieving Birth Control Breast Tenderness

1 min read

Breasts. They can be big, small, and everything in between. But we all know what breast tenderness on the birth control pill feels like. It’s not the breast feeling. Does birth control cause breast tenderness? Yes. Like most birth control...

Feeling Tired? It Could Be Your Birth Control

1 min read

Author The Other F-Word: Why Fatigue Can Be Caused By Your Birth Control Even life on top feels exhausting sometimes. We don’t get enough sleep, we overcommit during the day, and we’re constantly on the go. But what if...


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