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Why does Birth Control cause a Low Libido?

Why does Birth Control cause a Low Libido?

Why does BC cause a low libido?

  • Birth control depletes key nutrients that play a role in energy levels, mood and thyroid function, which all impact libido.
  • Birth control depletes many of the B vitamins, including riboflavin (B2), B6, folate (B9) and B12. These all have key roles in metabolism, supporting optimal body functioning, mood and energy. Low energy levels = decreased libido.
  • Combined pills (containing estrogen and progestin) can lower testosterone (which is a key hormone for sex drive).
  • Birth control increases copper levels in the body, which in turn competes with and lowers zinc levels.
    • Zinc is critical for thyroid function
      • Zinc is required for the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone (T4) to its biologically active form (T3).
      • An under functioning thyroid (hypothyroidism) slows everything down leading to lower libido/sexual desire as well as fatigue, mood changes/depression.
      • Zinc also boosts testosterone levels in males and females – a key hormone for sex drive.

What ingredients in Top Up Tonic correct this/when and how would you feel a difference?

  • B vitamins are essential for all aspects of energy metabolism.
  • CoQ10 improve energy levels.
  • Zinc is essential for thyroid function and boosts testosterone (which plays an essential role in libido for males and females).
  • Selenium is an important mineral for thyroid health.
  • L-tyrosine supports optimal thyroid function and is a precursor to mood-related neurotransmitters like dopamine.
  • Most nutrients take 6-8 weeks to bioaccumulate, leading to a more balanced mood (less depression and anxiety), decreased cortisol (stress levels), boost in energy (primarily due to the B vitamins), and a revved up metabolism/libido.


Birth control has some not-so-hot side effects, including nausea, breast tenderness, weight gain, bloating, headaches, mood swings, and decreased sex drive/libido.

Our Top Up Tonic is the perfect supplement for women on hormonal birth control. It replenishes nutrients your birth control strips away.


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