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When did being “hormonal” become a bad thing? How did a critically important area of women’s health become a punchline and an insult? Women deserve better.

We’re on a mission to redefine what it means to be hormonal. It’s time we felt educated and empowered to take control of our hormonal health so we can look and feel our best at every stage of our lives.

We combine cutting-edge research with traditional healing, collaborating with leading experts in integrative medicine, anti-aging science, dermatology, reproductive and mental health to develop products that are clean, evidence-based and 100% free of fillers, contaminants and B.S.

We create products we’re excited to use ourselves and recommend to the people we love—products that don’t just make us feel better, but better than ever.


HELLO.ME was inspired by a time in my life when I hadn’t felt like myself in years. Chronic migraines that began when I was in business school followed me to Wall Street where I was working 90-hour weeks and living in constant pain. By the time the anxiety started, my life felt unbearable. I was told by doctors the only cure for my condition was menopause. I refused to believe that. Researching obsessively, consulting with experts and drawing heavily on my background in science, I was able to resolve symptoms that doctors, specialists and prescriptions hadn’t been able to touch. I felt like myself again for the first time in years—in fact, I felt even better. So I quit my banking job to pursue my passion for wellness, completing 600 hours of Vinyasa teacher training and enrolling in naturopathic medical school. The moral of the story? Always be true to yourself.

Julie McClure
Founder & CEO


Your source for the latest on the science and culture of hormones, and how to treat hormonal imbalances.