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Top 16 Common Side Effects of Birth Control

Starting a new birth control regimen? We all know the positives of birth control (no unwanted pregnancies! yes!), but what can we say about the negative ones? Hormonal birth control...


Relieving Birth Control Breast Tenderness

Breasts. They can be big, small, and everything in between. But we all know what breast tenderness on the birth control pill feels like. It’s not the breast feeling. Does...


Can’t motivate yourself to work out? Don’t blame yourself, blame your thyroid hormones. Low energy is often a sign they need help. When our thyroid hormones are dialed, we wake up feeling rested and can sustain our energy throughout the day. When they’re not, yoga pants feel aspirational.

Using Top up tonic has been such an amazing experience after I was dealing with numerous side effects coming off birth control for over 10 years. It has increased my energy helped with sleep and decreased my pms symptoms

Lauren D. on MONTH 2

If an elastic waistband feels like a gift from the heavens, you could be at the mercy of a hormone imbalance. Gas, bloating and constipation can be signs of an under-active thyroid gland. They can also be signs of an unhealthy gut microbiome. Top Up Tonic has you covered either way.

I’ve only been using for a month but I feel like I can tell a huge difference in my digestion! I haven’t had my usual bloating and stomach pains this month.

Angelina P. on MONTH 1

If keeping track of your keys, phone and wallet feels like a full-time job, your thyroid hormones might need some love. Low thyroid levels can impact mental focus and clarity. B complex vitamins can help.

I noticed a difference when I first started taking the Top Up Tonic, but the biggest difference I noticed was when I stopped taking it! I'm not the best at remembering to take supplements, and after a few weeks of not taking Top Up Tonic, all my mood swings, fatigue, bloating, and brain fog came crashing back. It really has made a difference in my day-to-day life. Plus, these pills are so much easier to swallow compared to other supplements I've tried in the past.

M O. on MONTH 2

Feeling as grounded as a transatlantic flight in turbulence? Hormonal fluctuations have a huge impact on our moods. (We’re looking at you, PMS!) Anxiety, depression and other not-so-good times are often directly linked to low thyroid levels. Balanced hormones = balanced moods.

I feel great since starting these vitamins. I’m on my second pack now but I noticed a difference with my first. I’ve suffered from mood swings for so long that I’ve been waiting for the crying to happen and it hasn’t. I’m not complaining about that though! I wish I found these sooner but I’m so grateful I have them now. Definitely worth a try!

Rebecca P. on MONTH 2

Testosterone is not the exclusive domain of teenage boys and gym rats. Made in the adrenal glands and ovaries of XX individuals, testosterone influences sexual development and libido while helping bodies build bone density and muscle mass.

I've had an iud for 5 years, and it's reeked havoc on me mentally and physically. I was tired all of the time and my sex drive went down to zero. It was a huge problem in my relationship. I was basically looking for anything to help. I am huge skeptic, but after reading some reviews and doing a little research into the ingredients and the company owners, I decided to bite the bullet and try the supplement. I'm really glad I did. I felt more energetic and the desire to have sex honestly in a few days. I haven't felt this way in 5 years. In my research I found that this is basically a women's multivitamin + a probiotic, but the monthly fee is low and I can't beat the convenience of having it sent to my door. I truly love this supplement and am recommending it to all my friends on birth control or who may be vitamin deficient.

Lily I. on MONTH 1

Released by our adrenal glands, androgens are sex hormones that make us feel anything but sexy when they’re unbalanced. Excessive androgens play a leading role in oily skin, acne and the kind of hair growth that happens everywhere but where you want it.

When I got back on birth control this time it was totally different than the last few times. Daily headaches, mood swings, weight gain, etc.... most symptoms, I had. I have been taking for 2 1/2 months and within a month the headaches were gone. The other things are still there but no more headaches is worth 5 stars to me! Also I have really noticed that my skin is glowing. Not sure if it's a coincidence but I feel more confident about my skin than I ever have. I've even gotten compliments on it! As someone who has struggled with acne since 16 (I'm now 35) I never ever thought that would happen. Thank you Top up Tonic!

Sarah B. on MONTH 2


Treating birth control side effects can feel like a game of Whack-a-Mole, so we went straight to the source. Designed to prevent and treat hormonal imbalance at the cellular level, Top Up Tonic combines potent therapeutic doses of clean, bioavailable micronutrients, probiotics and antioxidants. Because, cringey as it sounds, wellness and beauty really are an inside job.


Vitamin B6 deficiency, common in birth control users, can contribute to low energy, mood swings, anxiety, depression, brain fog, nausea and headaches. Good times.


Vitamin B12 and Folate are a hormone balancing tag-team, working together to prevent mood swings, anxiety, depression, headaches and fatigue.


Selenium plays a critical role in thyroid function and metabolism. Birth control interferes with selenium absorption from food.


Commonly depleted by hormonal birth control, Magnesium is essential for hormone regulation and detoxification.


This essential vitamin helps boost your progesterone levels to balance hormonal disturbances commonly caused by birth control.


Involved in the production of key mood-regulating neurotransmitters and thyroid health, low Tyrosine can cause altered moods and food cravings.


Helping to regulate the immune system and skin regeneration, Zinc absorption is inhibited by—you guessed it—hormonal birth control.


Hormonal birth control users tend to have lower levels of CoQ10 which can contribute to migraine headaches and an increase in oxidative stress.


Hormonal contraceptives have been found to increase the risk of digestive issues like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) by up to 5 times.



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